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Please check out my website, every view counts!

Who lives in Maidenhead?

had quite a few of hits on my website ( from there, would be interested to hear from the person/people who made it possible!

Would also appreciate if i could get further feedback on my work from you guys also!

What Good Is Art?

… If It Never Gets Seen?

Please share your favourite Pictures, Paintings, Drawings, Oils, Videos, Sculptures and anything else that deserves to be seen.

Its hard for artists to make it, so help them out a little!


Is it possible to go worldwide in less than a week?

It seems like a dream right about now but its worth a shot! 

Please Reblog with the name of your city, lets see how far we can travel!

Sent from: Ipswich, England

New look to the website, please check it out and share with your photography loving friends!

Scrap the previous post!

Camera problems have forced me to reschedule the shoot.

Time to make changes to my website and upload some new imagery, be sure to check it out!

New Series Of Work

Some projects in the pipe line, lets see where they go!

heading out at 11:15pm on a monday night to try and get something going.  Finding out i now have a Bachelor of Arts Honors Degree under my belt has inspired me to get this series done. 

it highlights the progress i have undergone as a artist and a person, hopefully it’s something that each of you can respond to in your own way.

Dont want to give to much away at this stage, lets just see how it goes!

be sure to check out my website,